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About Us

Kyneton Removals was recently purchased by Michael Smith (Mick) and his partner Lisa Hogan. The company was originally co-founded in 1982 by locals Tony and Cathy Duncan. A few years down the track in 1989 Tony joined the business with another local Paul Powlman and his wife Linda. In 1991 Paul and Linda took over the running of the business. Mick has worked with Paul for the past 20 years and is passionate about continuing to service his local community with the local country pride and values.

Affordable Home Removals

Being a leading furniture removalists since established, Kyneton Removals provide all forms of office moving services including storage and furniture removals, packing, transporting and shipping, and unpacking in a quick and reliable way. Therefore whenever you consider of shifting from one region to another, stay completely stress-free by selecting our service in Kyneton, Macedon.

Hence stay comfortable and relaxed with our professionals, whenever you consider of moving or relocating from one place to another. Our efficient and incomparable service will help you with your move no matter how small or big the move might be.

Our Process

  • book our service

  • we pack your things

  • we move your things

  • safe delivery